10 Unique Halloween Decorating Ideas Under $5

10 Unique Halloween Decorating Ideas Under $5

DIY Haunted Candleholders

Make use of old wine bottles by transforming them into chic candleholders. Paint them a seasonal shade (we love black or purple), top with a candle, and you’re done.

Enchanting Cupcake Stand

Hosting a Halloween party? Delight your guests with a unique dessert tower in the theme of a haunted house.

Custom Halloween Sign

Letter boards are a quick and inexpensive way to add seasonal flair to your space. This Halloween, customize yours with a unique message and faux cobwebs.

Spooky Soaps

Bring Halloween cheer to your kitchen or guest bathroom with cute seasonal soaps. They’re not only decorative but functional, which makes them all-around winners in our book.

DIY Halloween Wreath

Creating your own wreath is super easy and affordable. Start with a wire frame, weave in garland, and finish with decorations of your choice. Totally amazing. Totally unique. What more could you want?

Mood Candles

Witches Brew Scent
Frankenberry Scent

Get into the spirit of the season with candles inspired by your favorite Halloween themes and activities.

Halloween Plushies

It may be the season to spook, but  Halloween doesn’t have to be limited to scares. Create a family-friendly setting with cute stuffed animals inspired by your favorite Halloween characters.

DIY Haunted Frame

Transform an ordinary frame into a Halloween sensation with a splash of paint and fake blood. We also added cobwebs and creepy crawlers to ours, bringing the total cost to about $4.

Painted Pumpkins

Who knew pumpkins could be this chic? With a coat of paint and elegant lettering, a humble pumpkin transforms into a thing of beauty.

Candy Centerpiece

Fill glass jars or containers with your favorite Halloween treats for a decoration that’s as festive as it is delicious.

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