Easter Basket Ideas for Every Age Group

Easter Basket Ideas for Every Age Group


Turn Easter baskets into the highlight of your Easter gathering with baskets everyone in attendance can enjoy. Here are some ideas to make every age group happy:


For the Tots


Throw in some age-appropriate toys from Fisher-Price and HABA that your little one can enjoy but won’t pose a choking hazard. Plush, toys to nurture development, and baby essentials make great basket fillers.


For the Kids


Toys, treats, and games are great to entertain the kids. Opt for baskets catered towards boys and girls or a gender-neutral option everyone will love. You can even include popular characters for a branded spin.


Paw Patrol

Gender Neutral


For the Tweens


Are they too old for toys but not quite teen ready? Try mixing it up with sweets, lip balm, stickers, and accessories that are sure to excite.


For the Teens


They may not be the easiest to please and they may not want to be there at all—but you can give them a reason to smile with a custom basket just for them. Makeup, electronics, and fun accessories are great starters!


For the Adults


Why should kids have all the fun? Give the adults something to enjoy with a special catered basket. Throw in some spa favorites, tech goodies, and bar essentials to give it that adult spin. Chocolates never hurt either.

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