5 Building Block Hacks to Inspire Creativity

5 Building Block Hacks to Inspire Creativity

Take your building block creativity to the next level with a little outside-the-block thinking. While excellent toys for building an imagination, these bricks can be pushed even further to build something that also brings a little function to the table. Start with block base plates as your blank canvas for creativity and build from there!
Here are 5 of our favorite examples:

The Desk Organizer




Spruce up a boring desk with a colorful organizer caddy constructed entirely of building blocks. Add pencil holders, divided paper compartments, paper clip and supply holders, mini drawers, and more. You can build it entirely your way to fit your needs!


The Idea Board



Toss out the ordinary old chalkboard or cork board-the brick board is the new way to go. Attach base plates to the wall to create a fun wall canvas of ideas. Attach bricks and decorate as you please!


The Tissue Box Holder




Bring an ordinary tissue box to life with some color. Create fun colorful patterns or opt for a more colorful building block approach. Either way, it’s probably going to be better than the boring old cardboard box.


The Wall Art



Tap into your inner artist by creating your own wall piece made entirely of bricks. Use your base plate as your canvas/grid and build away! Don’t forget to share your artwork when you’re done.

The Play Station



#ad | My children love mazes and LEGO, so why not combine the two. It took me just a few minutes to make one using LEGO DUPLO bricks and ping-pong ball, and we were ready to begin the maze challenge! The curious thing was that after completing the maze Max (my younger child) was rebuilding it to make it easier, Alex (the older one), on the other hand, was moving bricks around to make it more challenging (:#TheDadLab #DUPLO #parenting

Posted by TheDadLab on Thursday, January 24, 2019



Utilize the base plate to create a building block utopia. Create scenes, play areas, mazes, and more with all the pieces at your disposal for endless play. You can switch things up as often as you like and create new play areas or challenges. The possibilities are endless!


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