Tips to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Tips to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

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A Bowl Full of Lemons

Get Mail Piles Organized (Once and for all!)

Get a fresh start to the new year by filing away last year’s mail, receipts, and paperwork. Once you’ve tossed out what you don’t need, create a sorting system to keep you on track in 2019. It can be as simple as getting a binder for your mail, or as complicated as investing in filing cabinet. The point is, if you have space for your things, it’s easier to stay organized with little effort. You’ll be surprised how much time you’ll free up not having to dig through piles of paperwork.
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Make Time for “Me Days”

Taking time to yourself can help decrease stress, giving you the energy to take on your new year’s resolutions. Why not carve out an afternoon (once a month is great) and spend it any way you want? You can use this time for self-care (spa day, anyone?), to run errands, or to catch up on your favorite shows. Make sure to add the appointment to your calendar to keep yourself on-track with this much-needed ritual.
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Stay Accountable

Whatever your new year’s resolutions, a tracking system will help you meet them. By keeping tabs on your progress, it’s easier to stay committed and motivated. Here’s a list for starters:

  • Don’t drink enough water? Start keeping count of your daily water intake.

  • Don’t sleep enough? Check the box off for every night you get a full 8 hours of sleep.

  • Hate cleaning? Set a schedule and spread it out throughout the week. Allocate 15 minutes a day for each task instead of having it build up to an 8 hour cleaning day.

  • Starting a new diet? For every day that you accomplish your goal of sticking to the diet, you get the satisfaction of checking off another box.

  • Need help keeping track of your budget? Have an ongoing tab where you can jot down your expenses, either daily or monthly. The tab can serve as a daily reminder of your spending habits, and how you can get them to a place that works for you.

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Keep a Journal

It’s a new year, so start fresh with a new journal or planner, and dedicate the first few pages to your 2019 goals. Periodically check back in at the beginning of each month to remind yourself of what you’re working toward. Too often, we make resolutions at the beginning of the year and lose sign of them as the year unfolds. A journal is a great way to keep sight of your goals no matter how busy things get. PS. You can also keep your habit tracker in your journal!
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The Everygirl

Get Your Fitness On

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is on everyone’s mind when the new years roll around. That’s why now’s the perfect time to set your fitness goals in motion. Start pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest. Get tupperware to simplify meal prep, and make healthy eating easier. Explore fun, new ways to get your move on, like a dance class, group sport, or even a free exercise routine on Youtube. Best of all, why not grab a friend to join you on your fitness journey? It’ll keep you both accountable and let’s be real, it’s a lot more fun than going at it solo.
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