Brands We Love: Janod Toys

Brands We Love: Janod Toys

If you’re a fan of classic wood toys with a trendy twist, you’ll love Janod. Hailing from France, this toy brand is all about bringing the joy of old-school play to kids today. With a mix of tradition and innovation, their products encourage children to dream, escape, and—just maybe—disconnect a little from their screens. The way we see it, Janod is the magic of childhood as we know it, recreated for the new generation.

Janod designs get high marks from moms, kiddos, and now, Hollar. So we’re thrilled to share our favorites with you for a fraction of the price. And by that, we mean up to 75% off retail value. Better get to shopping—these are already going fast!

1. Eco-friendly toys at their best

Looking to make your playroom more environmentally friendly? Janod toys are made with reusable materials that stand the test of time: wood, textiles, and cardboard. This means that they can be passed on from generation to generation, and even turned into as keepsakes as your child gets older. To dig a little deeper, read on for some neat facts about how Janod products are made.

WOOD: Sourced from responsibly-managed forests that preserve biodiversity, ecology, and renewable resources.

CARDBOARD: Thick and sturdy to ensure the quality of puzzles and their durability over time.

Janod Kubkid Pirates Puzzle Blocks, 12-Piece

2. The pure joy of play, for every child

There’s nothing like the beauty of free, uninterrupted play for kids. Janod toys give kids the time and space to experience playtime their way. How? Through learning and imagination.

Learning meets fun

Because every child is different, Janod creates clever toys to develop all kinds of skills—from counting and reading to inventing and building, and more. You’ll find play sets, games, and puzzles perfectly suited for your little one’s needs.

Freedom to imagine

Toys that encourage role play can help stimulate a child’s imagination. So if you want to encourage your kiddo to dream and escape, make it happen with Janod play sets. They’re just the tools he/she needs to tap into the world of wonder.

Janod Nutty Ball Wood Track

3. Premium toys without the premium price tag

Newsflash: high-quality toys don’t have to cost a fortune. While other retailers sell the trendy toy line for higher prices (in some cases, up to 75% more), you can shop Janod at Hollar starting at just $5.

Janod Mini Story City Wood Playset

Ready to give ‘em a go?
Shop the collection here. You won’t find these prices anywhere else, so get to saving on Janod toys now!

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