8 Chic Ways to Tidy Up Using Storage Baskets

8 Chic Ways to Tidy Up Using Storage Baskets

As we gear up for a fresh year, the urge to purge is strong. Clean all the closets. Toss all the things. Say goodbye to what doesn’t bring joy (more on Marie Kondo’s method here). In this cleaning frenzy, buying more storage may seem counterintuitive. But as you’ve heard us say before, the right tools make any task easier. And we’ve got just what you need to get the job done. Which in this case is not only tidying up now, but keeping tidy throughout the year. Meet the woven storage basket.
Equal parts style and function, this chic container transforms messy spaces into sanctuaries worthy of a ‘gram. You can use it to keep clothing neatly stored (hello, clean closets), hide unsightly items (bye, tangled wires), and add charm to your space. Whatever your organization goal, this superhero container will be of use—and then some. Read on for more inspiration.

The Cottage Market

For instant living room organization…

Tackle the little messes first.

Add a woven tray to your end table or coffee table to create a centralized space for remotes and other small items that pile up. The tray can can even double as a utensil, napkin, and plate station for parties.

15″ Seagrass Basket Tray

DIY N Crafts

For beautifully arranged bathroom essentials…

Think vertically.

Tight on space and budget? Build your own charming storage unit using baskets and sturdy wire, and hang it from the ceiling. The DIY “shelves” offer much needed space for items like toilet paper, towels, and extra toiletries.

Woven Storage Baskets

The Glitter Guide

If a tidy pantry is what you’re after…

Contain the clutter in style.

Pantry organization isn’t limited to lifeless plastic bins. Woven baskets work just as well for food storage. Look for baskets with built-in handles so that you can easily get what you need without disrupting the order you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

15″ Seagrass Basket Tray

If you need more drawer space, stat…

No need to buy new furniture.

Create more storage by placing baskets under tables, on shelves, and in closets. You can use these makeshift “drawers” for toys, magazines, books, mail, and anything else that needs a home.

Woven Storage Basket

Kristi Simpson Designs

To create your dream workstation…

Make your home office zen, for less.

Give your workstation a complete makeover on a shoestring budget. Use crochet basket to cover up old pencil holders and mail bins that have seen better days.

Now Designs Crochet Basket


Houseplants need a pick-me-up?

We’ve got just the trick.

New planters can be pricey. As an alternative, use woven baskets to dress up plants for half the price.

3-Piece Natural Woven Basket Set with Cream Tones


To tidy up kitchen countertops…

Look to that empty wall.

Create a gorgeous fruit and bread holder by attaching suction cups to any basket. Stick it to any smooth surface, like a wall, and you’ve got not only extra storage but an instant dose of farmhouse style.

Nesting Mini Basket 3-Piece Set



For catch-all storage in any room…

Master the art of quick-cleaning.

Surprise guests? That’s when large baskets come in handy. Use them to quickly contain bulky items you often leave out (throws, toys, magazines), all while keeping everything easily accessible.

3-Piece Natural Woven Basket Set with Gray Stripe

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