5 Tricks to Repurpose Your Halloween Pumpkin

5 Tricks to Repurpose Your Halloween Pumpkin

Once Halloween has gone and the zombies return to their graves—don’t just toss out your pumpkin décor. Repurpose it for the rest of the harvest season and well into Thanksgiving. Here are 5 tricks that we think are some pretty gourd ideas.

Paint Instead of Carve


Increase your pumpkin’s lifespan by painting the exterior with washable paint instead of carving it up like Michael Meyers. Once Halloween is over, you can wash it off and repurpose it in one of the other ways on this list.


Turn It Into a Meal

Where is my spoon-Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Wedges | Inside Bru Crew Life-Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie

Turn your Halloween pumpkin into a pumpkin pie, bread pudding, and more snacks that’ll get you the tastiest outcome. After all, pumpkin-flavored everything is the best part of fall.


Use It as Décor

Wholefully-Roasted Pumpkin Seed 6 Ways

Swap out the ghosts, tombstones, and skeletons for autumn leaves, decorative corn, and cornucopias. You can even redecorate artificial Halloween pumpkins with burlap or other materials that’ll reimagine your otherwise spooky décor.


Use It as Compost

Eating Well-Composting 101

Instead of tossing your old pumpkin into the trash, use it as fertilizer for your garden. It works great as compost and doubles as an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Keep the Seeds

Wholefully-Roasted Pumpkin Seed 6 Ways

Pumpkin seeds are edible and quite tasty. Roast and salt them to make a nice snack or use them as an ingredient in your next dish. They’re a great source of protein and provide many great health benefits.

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