The Ultimate Kids Dress Up Station on a Budget

The Ultimate Kids Dress Up Station on a Budget

Let their imaginations run wild with a magical collection of costumes and props. You don’t need an extra closet or major dough to pull this off. Here’s how to build your very own kids’ dress up nook–on a dime.


Princess Room via Yellow Bliss Road

Round Up a Few Costumes For $6+



Start off with a few disguises that let your little one wear many different hats. You’ll be amazed where their imaginations will take them.

Discover Kids’ Costumes:


Bring On Fun Props For $1+



If you don’t want to drain your wallet with expensive head-to-toe getups, props are a great way to get their creativity going–for little spend. Hats. Wands. Capes. There is no wrong way to go about this.

Discover Kids’ Props:


Add Magical Books For $1+



Stock the shelves with storybooks that’ll transport them to different worlds.

Discover Kids’ Books:


Use Imaginative Storage For $2



Who says that storage has to be boring? Use fun bins to store dress-up outfits and accessories.

Discover Kids’ Storage:


Set the Scene With Dreamy Decor For $4



Make the space feel special with simple accents like string lights and kid-friendly canvas prints.

Discover Kids’ Decor:


Illustrations by Vecteezy

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