K-Beauty Spotlight: Esfolio Sheet Masks

K-Beauty Spotlight: Esfolio Sheet Masks


K-Beauty has taken the cosmetic world by storm! Originating from South Korea, this global beauty trend is synonymous with natural ingredients and playful packaging. K-Beauty puts a cheeky spin on your favorite traditional beauty items—including a range of fabulous face masks!


Spend time in the sun?

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors or love to tan, the Esfolio Pearl Essence Mask Sheet will alleviate sun damage while also improving skin pigmentation. This face mask sheet is enriched with pearl extract and other nourishing ingredients that deliver the moisture your skin craves. Plus, there are tons of age-defying antioxidants in this mix that will leave you glowing.


Love wearing makeup?

If you’ve got a passion for cosmetics, the Esfolio Volcanic Ash Essence Mask Sheet is your new BFF! When Sunday night rolls around, put on your fav Netflix show and pop on this face mask sheet to give your skin an ultra-cleanse. This volcanic ash-enriched mask actually draws out impurities, flushes toxins from your skin, and minimizes pores.


Worried about fine lines?

Our bodies naturally produce collagen but as we age, we produce less and less of it. The Esfolio Collagen Essence Mask Sheet helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with enriched hydrolyzed collagen. This anti-aging face mask sheet tightens skin, preserves elasticity, and alleviates blemishes.


Breakouts got you stressed?

Whether you’re drinking it or putting it on your face, green tea has a range of health benefits. The Esfolio Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet is super soothing and anti-inflammatory, so if you’re experiencing any redness or acne this is the face mask to try. The enriched green tea extract actually helps to reduce the production of oil and delivers other nourishing ingredients directly into your skin.
Full of concentrated, natural ingredients—these paper-thin face mask sheets pack a powerful punch! It’s no wonder K-Beauty is making everyone rethink their skincare routine. Act quick and shop these wonderful faces masks and more here!

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