Take a Walk with the Hollar Pets

Take a Walk with the Hollar Pets


Hollar isn’t just a place for great deals—it’s also a place for great pets! Get to know some of the tails behind the scenes of your favorite online dollar store!




Pepper is a girl that’s sassy but classy. Her passions include growling at strangers, barking at her toys, and freelance modeling. Her favorite treats are hardboiled eggs (just the yolk) or snacks from Trader Joe’s. She packs an extensive wardrobe that includes stylish collars, an assortment of Halloween costumes, and fashionable outfits (she thinks she looks best in red).
Favorite Hollar Product: Hartz Natural Beefhide Chew Sticks


Jeffrey “El Jefe” Jefferson


With various talents that include almost touching his nose with his tongue and excited twerking, Jefe brings an abundance of energy everywhere he goes. He enjoys playing fetch with sticks, eating anything that’s on the floor, and burrowing under the sheets to sleep. His dislikes include inflatables, vacuum cleaners, being ignored, and large inanimate objects that don’t move.
Favorite Hollar Product: Knotted Rope Dog Toy with Ball



Ziggy Tucker


Ziggy is an 11-year-old tuxedo cat. He loves people, is very talkative, and loves to cuddle. But, don’t let his charisma and dapper appearance fool you—his hobbies include kicking butt, taking names, and breaking and entering into every home on the block.
Favorite Hollar Product: Cat Teaser Wands




Butters is a quirky corgi that loves to play. This pic is a little deceiving because he actually HATES the ocean. He does love the sound of a squeak though and will perk right up when he hears it. He’s not an expert herder, but he has passed his herding instinct test and can kick some sheep butt!
Favorite Hollar Product: Pet Squeaker Squeaky Soft Plush Sound Toy


Elsie & Leo


This is Elsie the cat and her friend, Leo the rooster. They come from a big family that includes 5 chickens, 4 cats, and 1 dog—but they’ve become pretty fond of each other. They love to play outside and snuggle when the weather gets cold! Elsie is a smart kitty that does tricks for treats and notifies her owner when the other animal’s food supplies are running low. Leo on the other hand is obnoxious, loud, and thinks he’s the king of the world even though he’s about the size of a softball.
Favorite Hollar Product: Double Pet Dish


Reginald Nicholas Miguel Livingston


Known by colleagues as Reggie or Miguelito—his job is to check the office floors to make sure there are no crumbs. He’s known around the office for his large collection of sweaters and listening to Norah Jones. Other interests include wall-to-wall carpeting and cheese Danishes while his dislikes include clapping and vegan food. He’s also built notoriety around town for taking day-long naps and being a queen, so his favorite Hollar product is fitting.
Favorite Hollar Product: The Nap Queen Fleece Blanket




Chewie is a senior dog that loves taking long rides on the bike, laying in the sun, and sleeping on top of ALL the pillows (the more the better). He’s developed some serious FOMO and wants to tag along EVERYWHERE his companions go. His main dislikes include the mail man, doorbells, and walking on wet grass–gross!
Favorite Hollar Product: Insten Collapsible Pet Feeding Bowl




Obie is a six year old Shih-Tzu mixed pup. He was named after the legendary Jedi Master—Obi-Wan Kenobi—so naturally the Force is strong with him. Last year he even dressed up as Chewbacca for Halloween. Some likes include sourdough toast for breakfast, long walks on the beach, and cuddling. He is notorious for stealing his owner’s socks and hiding them all over the house (just one sock).
Favorite Hollar Product: Reflective Climbing Rope Dog Leash




Gattuso—a cat named after an Italian soccer player with an equal temperament. Although he enjoys getting his belly rubbed and behaving more like a dog, he is not a cat to be messed with. He is known for chasing his owners around the house and hitting a mean slide tackle if he doesn’t get the attention he wants.
Favorite Hollar Product: Cat Tunnel

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