Kids Songs That Won’t Make You Hate Music

Kids Songs That Won’t Make You Hate Music

Kids’ music can be a tricky thing. It’s great for children to enjoy and learn from, but as a parent it becomes very annoying, very fast. Thankfully, some well known artists have taken it upon themselves to create enjoyable songs for kids that you can enjoy as well. They bring a positive, educational message with their trademark sound you know and love. Enjoy some of our favorite kids’ tunes or check out their albums and make your own playlist!


Ziggy Marley – Family Time

Enjoy the relaxing rhythms of reggae with Ziggy Marley in this fun kids’ album. With tracks like the title song “Family Time” and “I Love You Too”, kids will be bouncing along with you before you realize this is an album for children. It’s sure to spark up some good vibes (and nothing else).


Yo Gabba Gabba! Hey!

This rockin’ album from the popular kids’ TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba!” brings together some very recognizable artists like Weezer, DEVO, and The Flaming Lips. It features popular children’s songs from the show performed in the bands’ trademark style that’s sure to have you rocking along with your little one.


Aesop Rock

This lexicon master brings his trademark rap style to the world of children’s music with his single “My Belly”. It’s a silly story about a hungry otter and its mealtime. Although this is Aesop Rock’s (not to be confused with A$ap Rocky) only children’s song, it warrants a listen due to its sheer charm. It’s a great gateway song into the world of underground hip hop for kiddy and you.


Johnny Cash

Introduce your child to this country legend early with songs from his own children’s album. Songs like “One and One Makes Two” and “Nasty Dan” are going to make your little one pick up a guitar with you singing backup. Yes, that’s a likely scenario.


André 3000 – Class of 3000

Class of 3000 was a short-lived cartoon on Cartoon Network created by André 3000. He’s best known for being one half of the hip hop duo known as “Outkast”, although apparently he took a stab at the world of kids’ cartoons and music. The cartoon produced some great tracks from Mr. 3000 like “The Crayon Song” that’ll make you forget it was meant for kids.


Karen O & the Kids

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s front woman—Karen O—assembled an elite team of rockers that include Yeah Yeah Yeah’s bandmates as well as members of Deerhunter and The Raconteurs to name a few. Together they released a charming soundtrack for the film, “Where the Wild Things Are”. The energetic track “All Is Love” is sure to have your little one bouncing around like Max from the film.

Ozomatli – Ozokidz

Introduce your child to the hyperactive sound of the latin, hip hop, and rock fusion—Ozomatli. With a sound not too different from their regular releases, OzoKidz brings a more child-like spin to their lyrics that’ll have your little one singing along and perhaps you too. No need to be ashamed.


The Dino-5

What happens when you assemble hip hop producer Prince Paul and members of Jurassic 5, The Roots, and Digable Planets? You get the Dino-5 and a brilliant kids’ album—Baby Loves Hip Hop. This whimsical album features fun songs like “That’s Funny”, which make a great introduction to the world of classic hip hop. Before you know it, your lil one is going to be the next great emcee.

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