DIY Home Hacks: 8 Vertical Storage Tips

DIY Home Hacks: 8 Vertical Storage Tips

You can admit you’ve done it. A little purchase here, a “treat yo’self” there, and suddenly you’ve got so much stuff it feels like the walls are closing in!
Don’t worry. We’ve got 8 storage hacks to help you take advantage of the precious unused vertical space that adorns your home.

1. Cork board + jewelry = an effective yet pleasing display.


By The Chilly Dog

Jewelry is meant to be shown off. So whether you’re gussied up or not, put yours on display! Take an oversized cork board and pin your jewelry for easy-on-the-eyes display and a convenient way to select what to wear.

2. Secure the perimeter.


By Apartment Therapy


Building shelves around the upper perimeter of your room not only frees up space in your home, but it adds a unique decorative effect that brings color to blank white walls.


3. More door, less floor.

Look at your door. Standing there, not holding anything. You know… they make laundry hampers that sling over that thing. Attach one of those, and enjoy one less pile and a bit of extra floor space.

4. Do you know your extension?

Your extension cords get you through the holidays each and every year. For the remaining 11 months, use a bike rack to keep them off the ground.

5. Stacks upon stacks.

Got old wooden crates lying around? Stack them sideways to create vertical storage space and shelves for a hip look. It’s a solution so easy you WOOD’nt believe it.

6. Keep baby in the corner.

Get small corner shelves, like a bunch of them. Mount them in the corner of your front hall, and look at that! You have shelves for your family’s shoes, books, photos, and more!! And as a bonus, it’s out of your pooch’s reach.

7. Keep cans on your wall.


By Amy and Toby

The grocery stores do it, and look how much everyone loves them! Free up pantry space by putting can dispensers on your wall. Easy access and you can tell when you need to buy more. There might be something to this vertical storage thing…

8. Stay a peg ahead of the rest.


By The Surznick Common Room

The organization fiend’s dream. Set up a pegboard, and you can hang hooks, small shelves, baskets, almost whatever off it. Mix and match, and you have a vertical storage wall to customize until your heart’s content!
Hey, look! Floor space! With these space-saving storage hacks, your home will never have looked tidier, and any blank walls will look far less empty. Now you’ve got room for more good stuff!
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