5 Reasons Bamboo Kitchenware is the Way to Go

5 Reasons Bamboo Kitchenware is the Way to Go

Let’s face it. Plastic gets the job done, but is it really the best option? There are many alternatives in kitchen that vary from price to price, but our favorite is clear: BAMBOO! Let us convince you with just 5 reasons (if the first reason isn’t enough)…

1. It’s the natural choice.

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Mother Earth loves you. And Mother Earth loves bamboo. It’s a natural, highly renewable resource, making it the eco-friendly choice. Because it’s a grass, it grows faster than wood and won’t die when cut! On top of that, it’s biodegradable, so it’s perfect for outdoor eating and safe disposing.

2. Grown to last.


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What’s light and flexible but strong and durable at the same time? It isn’t a riddle, it’s bamboo! Its natural design resists stains and odors unlike its plastic counterpart. As a result, it’s long-lasting and more likely to outlive your plastic and wooden kitchenware.

3. It’s a safe bet and panda approved.


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No need to worry about BPA or harmful chemicals found in PVC and other plastics. Bamboo is natural and won’t leach chemicals when exposed to heat. They’re also safe with your pans that have a non-stick finish and won’t leave scratches. There’s a reason panda bears love it so much!

4. It feels as good as it looks.


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So smooth…so attractive. We’re talking about bamboo here! Bamboo utensils and kitchenware retain their smooth finish, even after months of use. They also add a nice, natural touch to your kitchen. Something you just can’t get from plastic.

5. Money doesn’t grow on trees.


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And last but not least—it’s INEXPESIVE! Bamboo kitchen products are perfect for stocking up your kitchen if you’re on a budget. But even if you’ve got unlimited money to spend, they’re still the best choice. So, I guess in the end they aren’t last but they are the least…in price!

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