Easter DIY: Colorful Egg Bouquet with $1 Deals

Easter DIY: Colorful Egg Bouquet with $1 Deals

Get creative this Easter and create the perfect party favor with this EGGstra-special bouquet display.

What you’ll need:

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Step 1: Get prepped!

Gather your materials and set up your work station. You can use any eggs, box, and Easter grass color you’d like!
Step 2: Construct your eggs.

Tape one cake pop stick to each egg. You can tape multiple cake pop sticks together to create varying lengths. Mix and match lengths or keep them all the same length. It’s totally up to you!
Step 3: Arrange your bouquet.

Cut foam squares to fit fit inside the box (if necessary). Place the foam in the box and start arranging your eggs until it’s full.
Step 4: Add finishing touches—and you’re done!

Finish by placing the grass over the foam until it’s completely covered. Place mini eggs over grass to add the finishing touch.
Set your colorful creation as the perfect Easter center piece and let kids pluck one as a fun party favor. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind display, and kids will love uncovering the surprises inside!

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