5 Silicone Products Your Kitchen Deserves

5 Silicone Products Your Kitchen Deserves

Silicone is the new… everything. It’s heat-resistant to high temperatures, easy to clean, and the fact that it’s super squishy and moldable means you can store it pretty much anywhere!
Seriously, if you haven’t gotten down on the silicone trend that’s taking over kitchens right now, then we have a few toys that might catch your attention.

1. Add a satisfying kick with this squeezable citrus juicer.

All of the zest—none of the mess. All you gotta do is slice off a piece of lemon, stick the big part in this handheld citrus juicer, and all of the juices come flowing out while your hands stay less sticky for the wear.

2. Mash and roll with this easy-to-use garlic peeler.

Peeling garlic is another chore that can leave your hands covered in juices and flakes. It’s not something we like thinking about. Instead, stick your garlic into the silicone garlic peeler, give it a few hits and rolls, and soon you’ll have peeled and sectioned garlic ready to join the rest of your dish!

3. Pig out on delish cake with this silicone mold.

So maybe you don’t have the time to make ’em like they do on TV. That’s not a problem. Be your own cake boss with this cute quirky silicone piggy cake mold. It can withstand high temperatures of your oven and the cake pops out instantly.

4. Blocks or spheres? This twice-as-nice ice maker set does both!

Keep it cool with this ice-making duo. Or, create fun desserts by filling with chocolate and caramel instead! This fun favorite resists extreme temperatures—from cold to hot. As it turns out, you can have it all.

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth and artistic side with fun chocolate molds.

As if you needed another excuse for chocolate. When you fill these molds with chocolate chips, melt the chips down, and let them cool, you’ll have fun shapes, flowers, numbers, and more for decorating that will leave your guests a little more than impressed.
Sure, it seems like a lot, but silicone is super flexible and stores like a dream. Don’t be afraid to squish your newfound baking toys into a drawer, they can take it.
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