9 Alternate Uses for Dryer Sheets You Probably Didn’t Know

9 Alternate Uses for Dryer Sheets You Probably Didn’t Know

Your laundry is done and your clothes are feeling soft and static-free. But before you reach in and toss out that used dryer sheet—try out one of these alternate uses. You’ll be saving more money than the loose change you find at the bottom of the machine.

1. Buff out water spots.

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Easily buff out water spots from mirrors, shower doors, and fixtures. Or add a few drops of water to remove soap scum buildup.


2. Repel dust.

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Dryer sheets do an excellent job of repelling dust making them great for dusting. Use them to clean baseboards, crown molding, cabinets, and more.


3. Remove deodorant stains.

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Got unwanted deodorant stains on your clothing? Easily wipe them away with a dryer sheet! It’s a quick alternative to throwing them in the wash.


4. Remove water stains from toilet.

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Water stains in your toilet look like doo-doo. Toss in two dryer sheets, let them sit, then use your toilet brush to scrub the stains away. Just be sure to not re-use them after…


5. Eliminate static.

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TV and computer screens are magnets for dust. Since dryer sheets are ideal for removing static, they’re perfect for cleaning screens and preventing dust from resettling. They also work great for removing static from vinyl records, hairbrushes, clothes, and more.


6. Shine chrome.

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Remove calcium deposits on chrome by simply buffing it with a dryer sheet. It’s good for chrome on your car or plumbing fixtures where water is most likely to leave buildup.


7. Lift pet hair and dirt.

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Re-use dryer sheets to lift pet hair and dirt off the ground or other surfaces. They also make an ideal substitute for Swiffer sheets! We know those can get expensive…


8. Deodorize.

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Got stains with odor that just won’t go away? Cover the area with a few layers of dryer sheets and toss some coffee grounds on top. Leave it over night to wake up to an odorless area. They also work for deodorizing diaper bags, trash cans, shoes, and more!


9. Freshen the air.

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Freshen up your home by placing a dryer sheet on your HVAC vents to filter the air coming in. They work excellently on ceiling fans or box fans as well. Now you can always breath in the fresh scent of clean laundry!

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