7 Ways to Family-fy Your Super Bowl Sunday + Free Download

7 Ways to Family-fy Your Super Bowl Sunday + Free Download

It’s one of the biggest events on TV each and every year. Why wouldn’t you want to share it with your family? Even the littlest football fans want to get in on the Super Bowl action, and we have plenty of ways for your kids to get excited for the big game!

1. Print and play this fun team matching game.


There are over 30 teams in the NFL, all with their unique logos. It can be a tad overwhelming for any little sports fan. But for you, we made a fun memory game so your kids can match the logos with the jerseys. Print it out here and give your brain a training session of its own!

Tap here to download and print!

2. Make ice cream sandwich footballs for a sweet halftime treat.


Unwrap the ice cream sandwich, and use icing to decorate with football stitching. It’s a tastier alternative to pigskin, and it’s a dessert project that kids can get in on!

3. Bring the Super Bowl home with flick football.



Fold a triangle paper football, stand it between your fingertip and table, and flick to see if you’ve made that two-point conversion (endzone celebrations are encouraged). Learn how to fold a paper football here.

4. Show your true colors with a little face paint!



Being a die hard fan? Perfect. Being squished in a crowd of screaming die hard fans? Not so perfect. Use team-colored face paints to get that dedicated fan look from the comfort of your own home!

5. Hit the field in custom team uniforms!



Pick up a few blank tee shirts and decorate them with fabric paint so your little one can support their favorite team! It’s cheaper than a jersey and a one-of-a-kind project that your child will be proud to show off!

6. Build your own pizza.



Have dough pre-prepped, followed by traditional pizza toppings. Let your kids build their own pizza. They’ll get the feeling of contributing and enjoying something they built themselves!

7. Embrace the puppy bowl!



If you’ve got a second TV or a device with an internet connection, keep the Puppy Bowl on in tandem with the game. If touchdowns and penalty kicks don’t score big with the kids, we can almost guarantee that playful puppy tackles are right in their wheelhouse.
Your kids might not have a grasp on the rules of the gridiron just yet, but it’s best to get them prepared when you can, right? After all, who’s going to carry on the family legacy of cheering for your team… and against all the rest?

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