Quiz: Your Personality Based on Emojis

Quiz: Your Personality Based on Emojis

Your use of emoji says a lot about your personality. Answer these text messages with your most likely responses and find out your personality type!

You just got off work and received this text from your bff: “Omg ur not going to believe this. I got a flat tire and need someone to pick me up. Can you be a sweetie?"

You’re sitting at the DMV waiting for your number and you receive this gif:

You’re doing some late work and you get this text from your friend: “T Swift just dropped her new track. U have to listen!!!!!!”

It’s 8 P.M. on a Tuesday. You receive a text from your mother asking if you can call her because she has questions about the computer again.

You’re about to start your weekend and receive a text from your boss. “We could use some extra help tonight. Can you put in some extra hours?

You’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix and you receive a text message from the wrong number.

You just pulled into your driveway and receive a text from your friend telling you that you left your wallet at their house.

You’re about to go on a nice shopping spree until you receive a message from your landlord saying you forgot to pay rent that month.

You’re throwing a raging banger at your place and you receive this message from your neighbor: “It’s late and I’m trying to go 2 bed. Can you keep it down? I don’t want to call the cops again.”

You just got a promotion and word is spreading. You receive a congratulatory text from your bff.

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