Keep Your Chill on Christmas Morning with These 6 Tricks

Keep Your Chill on Christmas Morning with These 6 Tricks

The gifts are bought. The tree is decorated. And your morning is finally FINALLY set in stone.
Or is it…?
There’s ALWAYS something that you’re gonna forget. Which is why we refer to this classic holiday tale whenever we’re ticking off our checklist…

1. Fully charge your phone for pictures and social posts.


Twas the morning of Christmas and all out you went. But your phone was charged to half a percent. This situation that you want to avoid. The night before Christmas, plug in your Android.

2. Prepare garbage bags to toss out wrapping paper and toy boxes.


The kids are all happy, the living room’s a mess. It’s Christmas morning, you don’t need this stress. But you were set with garbage bags. You tossed out the paper, the bows, and the tags.

3. Make sure toys are fully stocked with batteries BEFORE you wrap them.


When the toys are unwrapped, their boxes may say “Batteries required, size AAA.” To save you the hassle, install them before. Your kids can play instantly without an uproar.

4. Have breakfast recipes pre-prepped or restaurant reservations made (if they’re taking them.)


Joy and excitement means calories burned and a family breakfast we think you’ve earned. Wherever you go to eat your food—reservations or pre-prep will improve your mood.

5. Wake up before your little ones.


They threw off the covers and ran to the tree. There’s not even school and it’s 6:03. But you woke up first and planned everything right, and your only sacrifice was not sleeping last night.

6. Encourage “Thank You’s”


When opening gifts, there’s no need to be greedy. There are other kids out there who are much more needy. It’s the season of giving, a good habit to start: make sure they send thanks that are straight from the heart.
It’s the small things that can keep you from tearing your hair out on Christmas. Keep these tips handy in the coming weeks, map out your morning, and reap the rewards of Santa’s labors. You deserve it this year.

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