How to Play White Elephant Gift Exchange

How to Play White Elephant Gift Exchange


And now that you know how to play…here are our White Elephant gift picks!


1. Twerking Musical Santa Claus

Ho-ho-hold up. This Santa twerks? Say no more. Shop here.

2. Potty Golf Set

Put-put when you poot-poot. A fun gift for those long bathroom breaks. Shop here.

3. Nail Polish Salt & Pepper Shakers

Nailed it! A great way to jazz up your meal and leave others who missed out on this gift feeling salty. Shop here.

4. Christmas Toilet Paper Roll

This gift wipes away all the other crap. Shop here.

5. Metal Banana Drink Flask

A gift that’ll have everyone going bananas. Hold on tight to this one—the peel can be slippery. Shop here.

6. Funko The Karate Kid Figurine – Daniel Larusso

Daniel Larusso. The karate kid. An excellent gift to roundhouse all the other gifts out of the competition. Shop here.

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