5 Genius Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom for Less than $20

5 Genius Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom for Less than $20

It may not be where you spend the MOST time in your home, but your bathroom should still be kept in tiptop condition. If you want your guests to have a royal flush, but you’re down to your last few chips, we’ve got you covered.
With a combined total of under $20, we dare you to find a better way to keep your bathroom looking its neatest.

Hang your washcloths and sponges in one convenient spot with a self-adhesive rack.

First, let’s talk towels. For just $4, you have a sleek towel drying rack with 6 heavy-duty hooks. Backed up with 11 lbs of strength, your brand new rack does all the lifting while you unwind, whether you’re in the shower or just drying off!
Get it from Hollar for just $4

Stop your soap from getting soggy with a draining tray.

Soap? Soap likes its alone time. And it’s gonna need it on this slotted suction cup platform that allows for your soap to dry out. And underneath? A hanging hook for your bath sponge to keep it off any surfaces.
Get it from Hollar for just $2

Keep your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all within reach on this magic stick tray.

And then you have your bottled items. They rest right at home in this magic adhesive bath caddy. Pro tip: it’s great for holding toothpaste AND you can use it in the kitchen as well!
Get it from Hollar for just $6

Give your bath essentials a place to hang in this stylish yet minimalistic shower organizer.

Your bathing must-haves don’t need to be scattered throughout your shower. Instead, let this $3.25 shower caddy sort it for you! You’ll notice the difference, trust us.
Get it from Hollar for just $3.25

Save a space for that one special washcloth with this sturdy towel holder.

When you’re ready for a quick clean, you’ll have a towel at the ready for washing and drying, so you can head out feeling and looking your best. And when you can get it from your $2.99 towel ring, you’ll keep your bank account looking its best as well!
Get it from Hollar for just $2.99
So if our math is correct, you just brought a bit of order to your bathroom for less than $20. If that’s the going rate for maintaining sanity these days, we’ll take two.
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