7 Activities to Turn Thanksgiving into a Cornucopia of Fun

7 Activities to Turn Thanksgiving into a Cornucopia of Fun

Thanksgiving can be a stressful day. On top of cooking a meal for a large group of people, you also must entertain said people. You don’t want your gathering to become a greet-eat-retreat type of ordeal. It’s all about family and being thankful for what you have—even if you can’t stand them all. Gather up the fam-bam and dish out the fun with these 7 tips that’ll make your Thanksgiving hotter than a buttered biscuit.

1. Turn cooking Thanksgiving dinner into a group activity.

We all have those family members that show up to grub and contribute nothing to the actual feast. Hand them a peeler and put them to work! There’s lots to be done and you can only do so much alone, so it’s important to get all the help you can. If uncle Marv has a complaint about the mashed potatoes, now he has himself to blame. Nice one Marv…

2. Quit playing bored games, bring out the board games.

Nothing says family bonding like everyone sitting around editing photos of the dinner they just complained about. Bring out some board games that the whole family can enjoy. Or bring out Cards Against Humanity if you’re one of those kinds of families…

3. Netflix and…gather the whole family for some movie time.

Stream some holiday classics for the whole family, bring out that dusty DVD, or put on that digital download. Home Alone is a great choice. The Kevin McAllister in your family is sure to get a kick out of that one.

4. Incorporate some fun family trivia into dinner.

What’s worse than dry Thanksgiving turkey? Dry conversation. Avoid unwanted questions about your love life and questionable life choices with some fun trivia your whole family can participate in. Make it about your family, or general trivia questions you ripped from Trivial Pursuit.

5. Arts and craft some holiday decorations.

It’s the perfect time to get your holiday decorations sorted out. Set up a little work station with art and craft supplies and see what seasonal masterpieces everyone can come up with. If it’s great, hang it up on your wall or fridge. If it’s not, send it home with them.

6. If the weather is nice, head outside and grab the ball.

Toss around the old pigskin. Grab some empty potato sacks from all those mashed potatoes and have a race. Rake up the leaves in the yard. There are a bunch of activities to do outdoors to keep the kids and adult kids entertained.

7. Turn Black Friday into a family shopping excursion.

Nothing like being thankful for everything you have and immediately going out to buy more stuff. See some nice deals you like but can’t sneak out to go shopping? Bring along the whole family! The more legs you have, the more ground you cover.
At the end of the day, it’s about spending time with family. Whatever it is you decide to do for Thanksgiving…we’re sure your family will be thankful.

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