5 Tips to Help You Power Through the Cold & Flu Season

5 Tips to Help You Power Through the Cold & Flu Season

You’re in it now. A cough from a co-worker here, a whatever-it-is-your-kid-got-from-their-friend there—cold and flu season has officially arrived. And because you used all of your sick days for that extended vacation (hey, we’ve done it too…) we want to make sure your immune system is operating at max capacity.

1. Clean all the surfaces!


Funny how bacteria live in your home and can’t hold down a job. Funny how you have to put a roof over their blob-like heads and they just get you sick. Not so funny to them when you wipe down your surfaces with an eviction notice that kills 99.9% of bacteria.

2. Shots! Shots! Shots!


Your doctor is your bartender, and the flu shot is your… cocktail? Ok, bad analogy. But getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid what might as well be a 7+ day hangover.

3. Take the red pill… and the blue pill, and the gel capsule…


Supplements on supplements. Your body’s gonna need all the help it can get these next few months. We’ve got vitamins, liquids, and pretty much anything you need to send those gross feelings just… away. Send them away.

4. Vitamin C what we did there?


Find someone who treats you like Vitamin C treats your immune system. Constant protection from bacteria makes Vitamin C the perfect disease fighting ally. So naturally, you’re gonna want to stock up. Vitamin C lozenges, tablets, and even supplements for kids – we’ll make sure you’re covered until St. Patrick’s Day while saving enough money for the other holidays.

5. To quote the infamous George Bluth Sr…


Trust us. Tell your co-workers, friends, and whoever else “I’m trying not to spread or catch anything.” Avoid shaking hands and hugging (as much as it pains us to say) and germs will have a harder time doing their thing.
And above all, just use common sense. You’ve been avoiding illness this long – you’re a pro! This is just the season where your immune system needs a bit more help. So common sense. That… and a plentitude of hand sanitizer.

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