13 Gifts That’ll Make You a Stocking Stuffer Hero

13 Gifts That’ll Make You a Stocking Stuffer Hero

They’re the icing on the cake. The cherry on top. The unsung heroes of the gift giving season. But there’s a reason why “stocking stuffer” is such a popular term. This year, you have the power to turn every stocking into a cornucopia of holiday awesomeness with this handy guide. And if you see something you like, click the image to shop!

1. Blind Bags

Whether it’s something new or another !?$#ing double, the fun is in the mystery!

2. Chocolate

Is it cheating to give chocolate as a gift? It seems too easy. Then again, does it even matter if it is?

3. Disney Digital Downloads

Watch wherever you’re connected to the internet or download them to your device!

4. Just the Nest Journals

Perfect for plotting your evil schemes… or your respectable schemes if that’s more your style.

5. Nail Polish

If you grab a few for yourself, we promise not to tell.

6. Perfume

Just make sure your message doesn’t come off as “You could stand to smell better.”

7. Headphones

Hear that? No? Yeah, that’s peace and quiet brought to you by you.

8. Funko POP! Figures

There’s literally a POP! figure for everyone. Go ahead—check! We’ll be here when you get back.

9. Wine Goodies

Make sure you’re around when they open their wine gifts… in case they put ’em to use right away.

10. Phone Cases

Be honest. Nothing grinds your gears more than seeing your friends with a naked phone.

11. Power Banks

Power banks allow you to charge literally ANYWHERE! No more walls holding you back.

12. Gift Cards

This is for that person who buys everything for themselves ahead of time. You know the one…

13. Tools

They get a brand new tool set. You get that furnace finally fixed in the dead of winter.
Go ahead, decorate your shopping list with a few check marks. Then, take the night to recharge. The holiday shopping season isn’t over yet, but for now, you’re right on track!

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