11 TV Moms We’d Be Nowhere Without

11 TV Moms We’d Be Nowhere Without

Today, mom, brunch is dedicated to you. But we’ll still always have a soft spot for these 11 TV moms that shaped our lives growing up.

1. Tanya Baxter—That’s So Raven

Raven’s sixth sense was nothing compared to Tanya’s mom-sense. The Baxter matriarch was so blunt and to the point, it honestly scared us a little. And extra care had to be taken whenever she took the stage, lest her melodious voice melt your heart right out your chest.

2. Amy Matthews—Boy Meets World

Not a calmer, more collected mom exists on this list. Amy Matthews screams voice of reason… albeit in a more motherly tone. Keeping your head amidst a swarm of male teenage hormones and a hubby as impulsive as Alan is a gold medal accomplishment in the Mom-lympics.

3. Joyce Summers—Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Your daughter destroyed the gymnasium of her old high school, she stays out until all hours with her weird friends and the school librarian, and eventually you find out she’s been chosen as the Slayer? All things considered, we feel like Joyce kept it pretty well together.

4. Clair Huxtable—The Cosby Show

Think about it. Who was really in charge of the Huxtable home? Clair Huxtable would ensnare her kids in their own web of lies if they tried to outsmart her. She was a true master of her domain who set the #momgoals bar pretty high.

5. Aunt Vivian—The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

She didn’t have the title of mom, but she totally earned it. Aunt Viv had a unique skill that would make her boys (husband or otherwise) quickly introduce foot to mouth. And for that, she gained our eternal adoration.

6. Lorelai Gilmore—Gilmore Girls

The trials and tribulations of Lorelai Gilmore are proof that things don’t let up just because you’ve reached momhood. Lorelai rolled with the punches with such grace, we’d throw money at her if she were to literally take life on in a fight.

7. Lois Wilkerson—Malcom in the Middle

Every now and again momma’s gotta show her dark side, and we’ve got Lois Wilkerson to thank for that. So maybe she flew off the handle one too many times, but any mom who can intimidate the crap out of Walter White is ? in our book.

8. Janet Darling—Clarissa Explains It All

Sure we had Clarissa explaining it all, but who do you think she got it from? The kitchen was Janet’s playground. And while not all of her recipes may have been home runs, how could you not respect her as the voice of reason?

9. Marge Simpson—The Simpsons

Marge has momming down to a science, and we wanna know what formula she’s using. While raising a family makes most moms want to rip their hair out, Marge’s has been standing tall for 30 years. Respect.

10. Kitty Forman—That 70’s Show

There’s a fine line between Eric and Red Forman. That line’s name? Kitty. Often soft spoken, Kitty was known for taking the high road… in a much different way than her son and his friends did in her basement.

11. Peggy Bundy—Married With Children

Gonna be honest. The Bundys aren’t exactly the family to model yours after, but darn it if we didn’t respect Peggy. She made the best of her situation, dug her husband and kids out of hole after hole, and she had fun in the process. And while it’s never ideal to go full Bundy, a little bit every once in a while never hurts.
And so this ends our list of moms away from mom. They provided us with some of the wisest words we’ll never forget. And if you haven’t already… give your mom a call. It IS Mother’s Day, after all.

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