11 Tips for Surviving Your Next Festival

11 Tips for Surviving Your Next Festival

Festival season is upon us and it’s time to get prepared. Pick out your festival outfit, load up your festival playlist, and get your game plan going!

1. Plan a schedule.

Be a fan of the plan. Check out the schedule times for your favorite bands beforehand and plan accordingly! Don’t miss your favorite songs because you spent too much time taking selfies with the guys you thought were helmetless Daft Punk.

2. Map it out!

Take note from Dora the Explorer and grab a hold of that map! Most large festivals hand out maps at the entrance so you can find the stages, food stands, merch, and restrooms. Make sure you pick one up before you venture into the festival grounds and get lost in the crowd.

3. Travel light with snacks and water.

Trekking across festival grounds can feel like exploring the Sahara. Pack some light snacks and a water bottle (if they allow) to fuel your adventure. Otherwise you’ll only end up listening to sirens and end up in the medical tent instead of the main stage.

4. Weather the weather.

You can’t enjoy Day 2 if you didn’t even survive Day 1. Wear light clothing and sunscreen (the crowds only make it hotter), bring a bandana for the inevitable dust clouds, and bring a sweater for the cold or windy nights. Better safe than sweaty.

5. Shoes it or lose it.

Expect to do A LOT of walking. It’s like walking across the parking lot—all day long. Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, be prepared to get your feet stepped on like you have clown feet.

6. Prepare for lack of phone reception.

Make a game plan with your group because getting separated can become extra difficult when you have no reception. Don’t expect your Snapchat and Instagram stories to have any activity either. It’s not like you’re only going for the snap, right?

7. Stay in charge of your phone.

Another drawback to having no reception is watching your phone battery drain away. Bring a power bank—or two—and make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone for pictures and video. Who else is going to post the millionth video of Radiohead’s set on YouTube?

8. Bring extra cash.

You just bought some merch and realized you have nothing left for food. Not all places accept plastic—so don’t get hit with those outrageous ATM fees. Bring cash and save yourself the trouble of waiting in that ATM line when you could be in the front row for your favorite band with a churro in hand!

9. Check out new artists during down time.

The beauty of music festivals is not only do you get to see your favorite bands, but you also get to discover new ones. Got a nice gap in between the next two artists you want to see? Go check out someone new. You might just walk away with a new favorite that’s not Lil Yachty…

10. Expect to take a day to recover.

We hope you asked for the day after off from work—you’re gonna need it to recover from how hard you raged. And the bruises on your feet. And the lack of sleep. And all that dirt you inhaled (just to name a few).

11. Make the most of it.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is…have fun! Whether it’s your first festival, or just one of many, make it a memorable one that you’ll never forget.
Now that you know who to expect, it’s time to prepare! Assemble your survival kit with everything at Hollar and get ready to jam out!

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