Exclusive Interview with the Easter Bunnies

Exclusive Interview with the Easter Bunnies

Being a pet is a full-time job. On top of taking care of animal duties, these pets must babysit their human at the end of every day and make sure they go into work with a big smile on their face. It’s tough work—and it’s about time these pets received the recognition they deserve! So get to know the paws and claws behind Hollar in this off-the-leash interview.
In celebration of Easter, we wanted to introduce you to Ashta and Tootsie Roll:

In a world full of bunnies, how did you two come to meet?

Tootsie: Our lovely human Araxie is the one we have to thank for our nightly snuggles. Ashta was hesitant to accept me, but a quick hop over to the family bunny bonder (They exist! I know, right?) and a short ride home made us fast companions.

Being a soft little puff ball must come with its perks…

Ashta: As if you have to ask. The (almost) daily brushings are a necessity. A girl can’t have her fur matting up. It just doesn’t look good on a bunny like me. And the nail trimmings aren’t bad either. I mean, we can’t do it ourselves, and it’s not exactly ideal for a girl to go out with scratch marks.

How would you both describe each other?

Ashta: Toots is a little on the shy side and a bit goofy, but I love her. Even if all she can think about is food, all it takes is a little nibble on her tush and she makes room. Works every time.
Tootsie: Ashta’s the HBIC (Head Bunny in Charge), and hey, can I blame her? She’s been around longer, she knows how things work around here. I gotta throw respect her way.

What about your human, Araxie?

Tootsie: Araxie’s got these overalls, and they just taste so good! Can you blame us if we want just a little taste? For some reason she keeps taking them away if we start munching on them, but you’ve gotta indulge sometimes, right?

And finally, any Easter plans?

Ashta: You might be surprised, but we actually like to keep it kinda chill on Easter. We do like posing for the family photo (we look adorable every year!) but other than that, it’s bunny business as usual.

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