7 USB & Bluetooth Gadgets for Your Inner Geek

7 USB & Bluetooth Gadgets for Your Inner Geek

This might come as a shock to you… but we’re living in the future. Yeah, it’s official. Self-driving cars, virtual reality, and a device in your pocket that is literally a phone, camera, watch, music player, fitness tracker, and a computer all in one! We think it should go without saying.
The best part of the future? It doesn’t have to break the bank. There are tons of cool USB, Bluetooth, and other devices that are perfect for plugging in.

Staying in Shape

Fitness is a lifestyle. And calories don’t wait for your personal trainer to start doing their thing. It’s time to take action on that whole “Calories in/Calories out” thing. Especially that second part of it.

Got a Light?

Yep. People plug in their lighters now. And you know what? They don’t have to worry about wind, running out of fluid, or open flames. Excuse us for being super convenient over here.

Beat the Heat

We can’t tell if you’re sweating because it’s an unusually hot night, or because you have a final exam in 8 hours. Either way, this USB fan/light combo will keep you cool and out of the dark, even into the wee hours of the morning. There’s even an alternative fan your kids will love!

Speakers on Speakers

Home speakers, bike speakers, clip-on speakers, mobile speakers, and yeah, even M&Ms speakers! Your music is now as mobile as you are, and if we can be so bold to say, it sounds good on you.

Lovable Huggable Tech

This bear connects to your Bluetooth device to help your child learn math, sing songs, tell them stories, and so much more. They won’t even know they’re learning – it’s the perfect crime!

Get Tangled Up in Your Workout

That feeling of your headphone yanking your head back stopping just short of giving you whiplash and basically throwing you off your groove? Yeah, not anymore with these babies.

No Walls? No Problem.

Portable power banks are the future. Don’t be one of those travelers bound to airport walls to give your phone a precious few more seconds of juice. Roam free literally anywhere, and keep all your mobile devices ready to use!

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