10 People to Expect at Your Backyard BBQ

10 People to Expect at Your Backyard BBQ

With BBQ season right around the corner, it’s time to start getting prepared to host the perfect gathering. While figuring out what to cook is important, knowing your audience is perhaps the most crucial aspect to throwing the perfect BBQ. Get through the “meat” and greet and start grilling!

1. The Early Bird

First thing’s first, know your friends. This is your lifesaver, your new BFF. Get them to help you set up, prep, or keep you company—maybe next time they’ll know not to be so early.

2. The Neighbor

Whether they got the invite or not, your neighbor knows what’s up. Extend an invite to avoid any awkward drop-ins and to keep them from raining on your parade with noise complaints.

3. The +1

So, your friend has a new significant other…guess who’s coming to the BBQ?! Don’t make it awkward—make sure you have enough food for those you weren’t expecting.

4. The Vegetarian

Don’t make pickles and coleslaw the only things your vegetarian friends can eat. Stock up on some veggie patties, Portobello mushrooms, or something else to make them feel at home.

5. The Drunk Uncle (a.k.a. Drunkle)

Everyone’s got one. Keep the cooler fully stocked with frosty beverages—perhaps a second, just for drunkle.

6. The One that Just Came to Eat

They arrive just in time for the food, they leave just in time to avoid the cleanup. Did anyone catch their name?

7. The Grill Master

The Bobby Flay of fillet. The know-it-all and show-it-all. The #saltbae in your life. Prepare to learn some tips—whether you want to or not.

8. The Salivating Pet

Whether it’s yours, a friend’s, or a stray that followed their nose—prepare to have company by your grill, patiently waiting for the first sign of scraps.

9. The Beast

The bottomless pit that won’t quit. It’s almost as if they’ve been holding off on eating for days just for this very moment. Don’t expect any leftovers.

10. The One You Didn’t Invite

Guess who’s here? No BBQ is complete without that unexpected guest. Cue the awkward conversation…
Now that you know who to expect, it’s time to prepare! Check out what’s cookin’ at Hollar to find great deals on all your BBQ essentials.

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