Back 2 School With The Baby Rabies Fam

Back 2 School With The Baby Rabies Fam

Jill Krause, rockstar mama behind blog Baby Rabies, joins us today for our last Back 2 School feature! Meet her trio of super-cute kiddos: 3-year-old Lowell, 5-year-old Leyna, and 8-year-old Kendall. Let’s get to know them a bit better and see their Back 2 School picks!

Lowell’s Picks

Lowell loves all things Disney Cars and construction equipment. He’ll be going to preschool 3 days a week and will hang at home with mommy 2 days a week! His collection includes items like a Cars pillow for nap time, a cool new lunchbox so he can finally stop using his sister’s hand-me-down, and some crayons for the days mom needs to keep him entertained at home!


1. Everest Backpack – $5



2. Cars Pillow – $4


3. Fairytale Crayons – $3


4. Thermos Justice League Lunch Box – $5


5. Cars Toddler T-Shirt – $5


Leyna’s Picks

Leyna is starting kindergarten this year! She’s super pumped to go to “big school” and can’t wait to make lots of new friends. Her collection includes a lot of stuff to keep her organized at home, like a Hello Kitty dry erase calendar and notebooks. Also, she’s so excited to write about her new adventures in her Shopkins diary, especially since she can lock her brothers out of it.

1. Everest Backpack – $5


2. Hello Kitty Eraser Set – $2


3. Tsum Tsum Notebook – $3


4. Hello Kitty Dry Erase Calendar – $2


5. Shopkins Diary – $3


Kendall’s Picks

Kendall will be in 3rd grade this year and gets to show his sister around elementary school. He also has a lot of serious learning to do this year, but he’ll still leave time for Pokemon Go hunting with friends after homework is done. His collection includes some traditional school supplies and also some rad Pokemon food storage for lunch.

1. Everest Backpack – $5


2. Pokemon Square Containers – $4


3. Triangle Markers – $2


4. Washable Purple Glue Stick – $2


5. Table of Minecraft Youth Shirt – $5

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