3 Reasons Why We Love TONYMOLY

3 Reasons Why We Love TONYMOLY



Let’s face it: waking up like this isn’t as easy as Queen B makes it seem. As self-proclaimed beauty junkies, we know that it all starts with great skin. And that’s where TONYMOLY comes in. A major South Korean beauty brand that’s now at Hollar for a steal (we’ve got their best-selling face masks for $2 a pop while Sephora sells 2-packs for $7.50), TONYMOLY has been making headlines for their fun, fresh take on skincare and makeup. We can think of a million reasons why you’ll love TONYMOLY, but we’ll boil it down to three to spare you from the novel. Do yourself—and your money maker (read: your face)—a favor and read on!

1. It’s Made with Quality Ingredients

We’re talking rich, moisturizing banana extract, real aloe vera, nourishing bamboo juice, shea butter, and more natural ingredients. Plus, everything’s formulated without parabens, talc, artificial colors, benzophenone, and triethanolamine. Safe, gentle on skin, and pretty much a no-brainer.

2. Like OMG, Irresistibly Adorable Packaging

PandaWe. Can’t. Even. A million points goes to their packaging designer for the charmingly cute containers. We’re totally obsessed—and we’re 100% sure you’ll be, too.

3. It’s for Everyone!

MasksDull complexion? Dehydrated skin? Large pores? There’s a TONYMOLY beauty wonder for you. Whatever skin concern is ailing you, rest assured that the K-beauty pro has you covered.
So there you have it—the 3 reasons why we (and you’ll) love TONYMOLY. The best-selling brand is now at Hollar for so much less. Plus, we’ve got bundles for even more savings. Double yes. Thank us later when you wake up like this à la Queen B.

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