Essentials for Your First Post-Grad Apartment

Essentials for Your First Post-Grad Apartment

Congrats! You got a degree and maybe a job, and now you’re leaving the academic womb into the world of renters’ insurance and rush-hour commutes. Outfit your first real-world pad with these must-haves you didn’t know you needed.


Wiggle Stopper

Product 1

It may be a little moth-eaten and squeaky, but that couch you found on Craigslist was a total steal! And the dilapidated bookshelf you inherited from the previous tenant? A diamond in the rough! This instant fix for wobbly furniture is the perfect introduction to DIY home improvement.


Wine Preserver

Product 2
Gone are the days of beer bongs at noon. Now you’ve got a 9am conference call and you’ll be lucky to finish a single glass of wine before bed. Snag an ingenious vacuum sealer to keep that two-buck Chuck tasting fresh for days.


Giant Chocolate-Scented Universal Remote

Product 4
The lost remote – a tragedy as old as time. No more with this jumbo universal remote. It controls all your devices, it’s huge, and it smells like chocolate.


Wall Art

Product 3
Nothing says “serial killer” like empty white walls. Hang something up before you creep everyone out by having no personality.


Head Massager

Product 5
Entry-level job causing executive-level stress? Relax with this buzzy little friend.


Toilet Brush

Product 6
Buy it. Use it. Thank us later.


Scented Candle

Product 7
When you invite your date in for a drink, light a candle or three for instant romantic ambiance. Or keep a scented candle in the bathroom for… you know.


Thank You Cards

Product 8
Whether you’re buttering someone up for networking purposes, or just being a courteous guest, having a stack of thank-you cards on hand will make you feel like a real grown-up.


Throw Pillow

Product 10
A fancy throw pillow takes your couch from “dorm room” to “mature twentysomething.”


Toasty Hands Heated Mittens

Product 9
When your radiator dies a slow, rattling death – or you turn it off to save money – these will come in handy (get it?).


Birdhouse Key Holder

Product 11
Whatever you do, don’t lose your keys.

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