5 Reasons Why You Should Follow HollarSnaps

5 Reasons Why You Should Follow HollarSnaps

Hello fellow Snappers.


So I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard from all your friends and family, but Hollar’s Snapchat is kind of a big deal. But in the .0001% chance you haven’t witnessed the national treasure that is Hollar, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on one more second of Hollar’s hilariously fantastic content.


1. Giveaways.

Do you like free stuff? Do you like bragging about how you won stuff that they didn’t? Do you just love being a winner in general? Then you will love our giveaways.


2. Sneak peeks.


We know how much you look forward to new stuff on Hollar. Well you’re in luck! We often snap sneak peeks of new collections. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallets full! Or not that full, since our products are a steal!


3. Dance breaks.


It’s proven fact that everyone loves dancing. Okay, maybe not. But you will once you watch our dance snaps! ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night~


4. Q&A.


We love questions. We also love answering questions. No question is off-bounds. Okay, some are. Be classy, people. Please.


5. Timmy.


Timmy is our resident mannequin son. He might seem frightening at first, but we promise you’ll warm up to him. But don’t cross him…

So there, we gave you 5 amazing reasons why you should follow HollarSnaps on Snapchat. We can probably think of 25 million more reasons but you can probably use that time to watch our Snaps. So snap on my beautiful Hollarites!

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