Glow Pets Around the World

Glow Pets Around the World

Well traveled. World renowned. And seriously fluffy. Everyone’s favorite Glow Pets are kind of a big deal. Get it? Ok, sorry. Let’s just check out the places they’ve been. Come along for the ride…


1. Just hanging with The Beatles back in ’69.

Abbey Road
Image Source: Apple Records

2. When all we cared about was how bronzed and beautiful we were. *Sigh*

Image Source: NBC

3. Samples. Costco. Nom nom.


Image Source: Flickr user sarah_c_murray

4. Having Ellen on speed dial to promote his ultimate cuteness.

Ellen Show
Image Source: NBC Universal


5. All bets on Unicorn since he is genetically superior than the hoi polloi.


Image Source: Wikipedia User >Fir0002

6. Always werk, werk, werk, werk, werking. Also Rihanna is his side bae.

Image Source: Roc Nation

7. Hanging out with his grandpa.


8. Where’s Sealy?

Seal Beach

9. Stepping up this guy’s presentation just with his glowy, magical presence.

Group of office workers in a boardroom presentation

Image Source: Chris Ryan/OJO Images/Getty Images

10. About to replace Zayn, cuz obvi.

British boy-band One Direction performs at the Target Center in Minneapolis Thursday night, July 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Star Tribune, Jeff Wheeler)

Image Source: Syco Records, Columbia Records.

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