Easter Weekend Survival Kit

Easter Weekend Survival Kit

Visiting family for Easter? Prepare for a relaxing weekend of quality time with loved ones. Just kidding! Between the sugar-fueled temper tantrums and stale jelly beans, you’ll need all the help you can get to avoid a meltdown in the middle of the egg hunt. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with Easter weekend must-haves.


A Solid Disguise

Visiting your hometown means running into people you don’t want to see, whether it’s a former flame, an ex-frenemy, or your slightly racist neighbor. You could face these awkward encounters like a mature adult… Or you could create a disguise in the hopes that no one will recognize you.




This is just to keep you from punching the next person who jokes about how bunnies don’t lay eggs.


An Evacuation Plan

The cat is vomiting up fake grass, the kids are on the verge of a Peep-related psychotic break, and your uncle wants to know who you’re voting for. You’d love to stay and chat, really, but you have urgent work to catch up on. Make for the nearest coffee shop to enjoy your online shopping in peace.


A Home Spa

Product 4
Fill up the bath, give yourself a facial, and try to forget about that chocolate bunny that turned out to be hollow.


Generic Gifts


Your relative is hosting Easter brunch? A gift for the home lets the host know how thoughtful you are and also that you were too lazy to cook.


The “Leave Me Alone” Starter Kit


When the going gets tough, the tough get going… Straight to bed to curl up with your phone and Netflix.


The Essentials


‘Nuff said.


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