April Fool’s Day Don’ts

April Fool’s Day Don’ts

We can’t tell you to pull April Fool’s Day pranks. It would be irresponsible of us to encourage you to punk your friends, family, and co-workers. But if you happened to look at this list of items and use your imagination to dream up some diabolical deeds – ranging from harmless fun to Disney villain status – well, that really wouldn’t be our fault, would it? Don’t even think about using this stuff for pranks this April 1. Results won’t be totally hilarious… Now consider us officially looking the other way.


1. Raspberry iced tea mix + chili seasoning


If someone were to replace raspberry iced tea mix with chili seasoning, it would be pretty hard to tell the difference. We’re just saying.


2. Lubricant + hand sanitizer


April Fool’s pranks are a slippery slope.


3. Eyebrow razors


It takes 56-73 days for eyebrows to grow back. What you do with that information is up to you.


4. Googly eyes


Fact: Anything becomes funny when you add googly eyes.


5. Plastic cups + H2O + floor


Caution: Wet Floor.


6. Shampoo + hair dye


It’s like a surprise makeover!


7. For-sale sign + any car


Cash only.


8. Glitter + envelope


The gift that keeps on giving. Forever.


9. Fun dough + gum


That person who’s always mooching your snack stash? Payback time.


10. Pregnancy test


After about 9 months, people might start to catch on.


11. Forks + lawn


Stick them into the perfect lawn of your “favorite” neighbor when you really want to say, “Go fork yourself.”

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